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Mom's DOs & DON'Ts During Boot Camp
by Janice B., Proud Marine Mom



  • Do Send letters every day.  Number them
    on the outside on plain white envelopes. 
    Mail is such a lifeline to Recruits.

  • Do Keep letter upbeat when you write
    and encourage them.  You can cut
    clippings from the local paper of
    sporting events or any local news your
    son may find interesting or clip and
    send comics if he enjoys them.  My
    son liked the journal format of the
    happenings of the day. 

  • Do Send pictures ONLY if they request
    them.  Remember, ALL may see them.
    My son asked we take pictures and
    send while he was away.  A picture of
    the family with pets included.  Another
    example is a picture of mom holding
    those precious letters from your son
    with a great big smile.  Anything your
    family may do routinely such as if dad
    reads the newspaper every morning. 
  • Do Encourage others to send letters.

  • Do Keep friends & family members
    updated on your recruit’s progress.

  • Do Keep yourself busy.

  • Do Read as much as you can about
    the Marine Corps.  The more you learn
    the more you will realize that your son/
    daughter has chosen the very best.

  • Do If you want, you can send address
    labels and mail so your recruit and
    apply to envelopes and won’t have to
    hand address every letter which saves
    valuable time to write more.

  • Do Another good idea is send a plastic
    zip lock bag for your son to keep pic-
    tures and letters in while in his foot
    locker so they won’t be damaged.

  • Do Pray daily and don’t be shy to ask
    others to pray as well.

  • Do Join Moms of Marines Support
    and tell other Moms of Marines about


  • Do not – Make your son/daughters ship
    date too big a deal.  It is hard for them to
    say goodbye and it will be harder is every
    person in the family is there and crying. 
    Be tough, hug, smile, say I love you and
    goodbye, then go cry your eyes out.

  • Do not – Send items to your recruit unless
    asked for.  It is parental nature to want to
    send something…fight it…don’t.  Anything
    larger than letter size envelope will be
    opened by the drill instructors in front of
    the platoon and it could be embarrassing.

  • Do not – Write your recruit anything that is
    negative because it will distract them from

  • Do not – Send musical cards. Once again
    it could be an embarrassing time for your

  • Do not – Contact his/her commanding
    officers of any rank directly.  If you have
    questions or concerns, contact the
    recruiter first. 
  • Do not – Write on the outside of the
    envelope or put stickers or kiss marks or
    spray perfume.  This may get the recruit
    some unwanted extra attention.

  • Do not – Put Marine, PVT, or PFC on the
    address to your recruit.  They are recruits. 
    They are not Marines until they graduate
    boot camp.

  • Do not – Stalk the mailman.  The letters
    will come after about 10-13 days.  It will
    seem like forever but they will come. 
    Your mailman will become your best
  • Do not – Miss graduation.  It will be one
    of the proudest moments of your life.
  • Do not – Take this journey alone! There
    are many Moms of Marines here to en-
    courage you, inspire you, answer your
    questions, and PRAY FOR YOU and YOUR
    RECRUIT... and as a Marine throughout
    his military contract.