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Letters from Your Recruit During Boot Camp
by Janice B., Proud Marine Mom

You may receive difficult letters from your recruit
during the first three weeks of training.  They are not only going through so many changes and stress they may also be homesick. 
Our sons are being cut from everything they have known from home and built up to be one of the best and finest Marines.  Be
patient, encourage them and let them know how proud of them you are.  After about the sixth week or sooner you will receive the
“I can do this”, I’m gonna be a Marine.  I also saw a transformation in my son’s letters showing he was less homesick and a
bonding into the brotherhood of his platoon.Here is an example of what your recruits addresses will look like and letters should
be addressed this way:
Recruit Doe, John R.
3rd Bn Lima Co Platoon xxxx
39001 Midway Ave
San Diego, CA
Besides the Corps itself and their country, there’s only one other thing Marines revere: their Mamas.  Do not ever lose
sight of this fact.  By the time your child is standing on the parade ground ready to receive the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and be
branded a Marine forever by the very drill instructors they have hated and feared (and then learned to idolize), their Senior Drill