Thank you for helping us to better support environments for you.


By sharing privately with Jen your general Marine's OF,
she can better determine what branch group is the best match to give you the best support environment AND
what additional branch support groups we need to offer.

If you do not know the first two numbers of your Marine's O.F., please ask him/her first.


List of Official Occupation Field #s and Titles:

Do NOT assume your Marine's O.F. If you do not yet know for certain your Marine's O.F. #, ask him/her before completing survey.

01 Personnel & Administration

02 Intelligence

03 Infantry

04 Logistics

05 Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Plans

06 Communications

08 Artillery

09 Training

11 Utilities

13 Engineer, Construction, Facilities, & Equipment

18 Tank and Assault Amphibious Vehicle

21 Ground Ordnance Maintenance

23 Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Disposal


27 Linguist

28 Data/ Communications Maintenance

30 Supply Administration and Operations

31 Distribution Management

33 Food Service

34 Financial Management

35 Motor Transport

41 Morale Welfare and Recreation

43 Public Affairs

44 Legal Services

46 Combat Camera (COMCAM)

48 Recruiting and Retention Specialist

55 Music

57 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Defense

58 Military Police and Corrections

59 Electronics Maintenance

60 / 61 / 62 Aircraft Maintenance

63 / 64 Avionics

65 Aviation Ordnance

66 Aviation Logistics

68 Meteorological and Oceanographic (METOC)

70 Airfield Services

72 Air Control/Air Support/Anti-air Warfare/Air Traffic Control

73 Navigation Officer/Enlisted Flight Crews

75 Pilots/Naval Flight Officers

80 Miscellaneous MOS's (Category II)


No, my Marine is ACTIVE DUTY
Yes, my Marine is a Veteran--no longer in active duty
NO, my Marine is NOT an Officer
I don't know if my Marine is an Officer
YES, my Marine is an Officer
NO, my Marine is NOT in Reserve
I don't know if my Marine is Reserve
YES, my Marine is in the Reserve Corps
I am NO LONGER PARTICIPATING in Marine Moms Unite for the Corps and would like to be removed.
I am ACTIVE in Marine Moms Unite for the Corps.
I have not yet been admitted into Marine Moms Unite for the Corps. NOTE: This option is often mistakenly marked. BEFORE MARKING THIS CHOICE, please double-check by clicking on the group link and seeing if you can read posts and create posts. If you CAN, you are a member of our 'hub' group. THANKS! :o)
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