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A Mother's Prayer
by Jen Miller
Sr. Chaplain-Ministery, CFMI

  I feel your little hand so still
                   and shallow breathing near my ear;
                             and pray the Lord will bless and keep
                                      my precious boy within His reach . . .

          I pray as you are sleeping sound
                   the angels will surround you now;
                             and keep you safe all through the night;
                                      and 'rouse you with the morning light . . .

          I watch you flutter in your dreams;
                   and pray that you will grow to be
                             a man of great integrity
                                      who makes your dreams reality . . .   
          But most importantly I pray,
                   as you wake with each new day,
                             you'll look to God in faithfulness
                                      and trust Him with your every step . . .

          I pray the Lord will guard your way;
                   and help me teach you how to pray;
                             to always seek God's holy face,
                                      and lean on His unchanging grace . . .

          I pray the Lord will help me show
                   my precious boy the things I know;
                             about a Love that never fails;
                                      about a Love that always bears;
                   About a Love that only comes
                             from faith in God's own precious Son;
                                      who gave His Son that mine might be . . .
                                      free for all eternity.


Copyright 1996 Jen Miller 1996 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Unlawful to copy, print, utilize in any manner without written permission.