We know exactly how you feel and what you're going through, Mom!

That's why we exist.

We are dedicated to networking Marine Moms in private support groups
from pre-enlistment through veteranhood. 

As our founding Marine Mom says, and literally means: "Here for you all the way and beyond!"

M.O.M.S. stands for Moms Of Marines Support

We are praying, encouraging, and proud Marine and Recruit Moms supporting each other.


Phase 1 support group:

"These groups have been such great support. Only other Marine mother's know what we go through.
Things that seem so natural to us gets a little annoying to others. In joining the group, I found out that
checking the training Matrix and often voicing concerns are so normal. We stand together in our
worry and in constant prayer for our young men and women. - Sandy, California

Your son or daughter has decided to enlist with the U.S. Marine Corps., and you realize with stark clarity that they're taking your heart and mind with them.

You're scared, perhaps excited, . . . For certain, a host of raw emotions are exploding inside you. We get it. You're not alone.

This private interim support group is for you. At their boot camp entry time, we'll admit you into our next phase support group (phase 2).   

To join this interim group, please:
1) click here to complete our private registration and
2) click "join" at our support group page at M.O.M.S. Awaiting Marine Boot Camp

"M.O.M.S. has been a Godsend! The support of the groups is how I get through the rough times. Being a very new member of a military family is both honorable and terrifying. The groups help ground and balance
the emotional roller coaster we all find ourselves on." - Connie, Missouri 

Phase 2 support group:

"I was not part of my Marines enlistment. I knew nothing. Upon my son leaving from MEPS to Parris Island, I jumped on the computer and Goggled Marines to find support groups. M.O.M.S. is where I found great support and information.
Other Marine Moms understand what we are go through." - Joyce, Upstate New York 

Your son or daughter has stepped onto those yellow footprints at MCRD in either San Diego or Parris Island, where countless courageous men and women before them have stood. And your emotions are all over the place--and that's okay. We get it. You're not alone.

They're doing the hard work that will lead them to the final test: the Crucible, and up the Reaper, with heart and determination to achieve the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, the responsibilities, and the title of U.S. Marine. And we're praying with you.

This private interim support group is for you. At graduation time, you'll transfer with other moms into our long-term support group.

To join this interim group, please:
1) click here to complete our private registration and
2) click "join" at our support group page: M.O.M.S. of Recruits IN Marine Boot Camp  



Phase 3 support group: ACTIVE DUTY

"I joined M.O.M.S. in 2009, after my son graduated boot camp. We were all sharing our pictures and being proud moms. Then, one of our members lost her son in Afghanistan. That was a life changing for me, making it so real: a war was going on and our Marines were there! The group was very supportive. I learned how important it is to remember and never forget. Because the mom shared her personal story with our support group.I have so much more empathy for our Gold Star families. I make a point to learn the stories of our fallen Marines and connect with their families. It all started with this group, M.O.M.S. I have made many connections and friends-- all part of this extended family." - Cheryl, California

Your son or daughter has graduated Marine boot camp or commissioned as a Marine officer and is now and forever a U.S. Marine--and you are now and forever a Marine Mom! OOH RAH!!

You are so proud, but this is another new beginning in a journey slated to continue four years, six years . . . or a career. And the need for support and sisterhood with other Marine Moms is equally as substantial as your Marine ventures from home to sea to foreign lands . . . . This private long-term support group is for you.

To join this long-term group, please:
1) click here* to complete our private registration and
2) click "join" at our support group page at M.O.M.S. - Marine Moms Unite for the Corps.


Once you've joined our long-term "hub" support group, you'll automatically have access to join one of our three branch support groups. For questions about admittance to one of these branch groups, please contact us at info@moms-of-marines-support.com.

Phase 4 support group:

"It was the support of other Marine and Recruit Moms in M.O.M.S.' support groups that
helped me make it through my son's six-year Marine journey with three deployments, including war.
I'm ever so grateful for the support I've received through other Marine and Recruit moms who have joined
our support groups, and I've made life-long friends here. It's a special sisterhood.
Once a Marine Moms, always a Marine Mom." - Jen, Illinois

Our M.O.M.S. of Veterans support group welcomes veteran moms of all branches of our U.S. Armed Forces: Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

We know the need for support doesn't end when your son or daughter has completed their military contract, for each and every Veteran must make their way back into civilian living--an enormous transition. This group is for you. We not only honor and pray for your Veteran, we also honor and pray for you, literally here "all the way and beyond" active duty.  

To join this group , please:
1) click here to complete our private VETERAN MOM registration and
2) click "join" at our closed Facebook support group: M.O.M.S. of Veterans - ALL BRANCHES

M.O.M.S. administration is 100% volunteer.
please send in email to: info@moms-of-marines-support.com


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